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At etailSales Associates, our sales agency forges premier partnerships with wholesalers, etailers and catalog retailers and connects them with best manufacturers and top-performing products.

For Manufacturers & Wholesalers

We provide solutions to manufacturers and wholesalers who struggle with the following concerns:

● How do I find the best internet retail sites to sell my products?
● How do I partner with these etailers and set up my products on their site?
● How do I prepare my product images, specs and sales copy?
● How do I find the time to follow up with multiple etailers?
● How do I streamline and consolidate orders from various etailers?
● Isn’t there just one rep group that specializes in selling to all etailers?

Our five-step commitment to your success includes:

1) Matching your products with leading etailers and catalogs who reach your target markets.
2) Providing third-party logistics and e-commerce market integration services to both etailers and manufacturers.
3) Handling negotiations, product set-ups, marketing promotions and order processing.
4) Providing back-end support to develop efficient drop ship programs.
5) Providing etailers with your product images, item specs and inventory levels.

For Etailers and Catalog Retailers

For many internet and catalog retailers, one of the biggest challenges is to constantly keep their inventory updated with current and exciting product lines that appeal to their target market or open up new markets.  Since much of the manufacturers’ rep industry only services or pays attention to traditional brick & mortar retailers, finding new products and manufacturers who can drop ship becomes an arduous task.  etailSales Associates specializes in non-traditional retail outlets and brings these product lines to you.  Through etailSales.com, our etail partners can:

● Choose products from various manufacturers in one visit and manage multiple accounts with one service rep.
● Download the product images for catalog and web placement.
● Select products that specialize in customization and name drop.
● Send all the orders to one server via email or EDI.
● Gain quick access to inventory levels.